Enhance the flavors of your Meals by Squeezing different types of Lemons!

Enhance the flavors of your Meals by Squeezing different types of Lemons!

Lemons are loved by almost everyone who enjoys cooking or someone who likes to on flavors to foods as there is nothing as flavorful as the final hint of lemon in your food whether it is the salads that you are having or any sort of dessert or even when it zested over fish or roasted lamb. The sweet and sour taste of this bright-colored fruit adds life to any dish it is used in because it turns it into something spectacular but a lot of us are not familiar with the fact that there are dozens of types of lemons that exist in the market however in our daily use, we usually get to come in contact with a very few types but once one gets to know about the types of lemons that are there, you would want to try almost all the types of lemons that are there. Some types of lemons ate easy to grow as well whether it is grown inside the house or outside whereas the other types of lemons can be tracked down by looking into international grocery stores or the markets of the local farmers. Certain types of lemons grown are hybrid as they are crossed with other types of lemons, limes, and even oranges, allowing the users to enjoy the citrus in various ways. Among the variety of types of lemons that exist, the most common ones are as:

• Lisbon Lemons 

These are the most common type of lemons that are usually seen to be found piled into grocery stores, these are the most popular type of lemons that people know about and thus the most commonly used lemon in most recipes. Since these types of lemons are basic thus most of the recipes are based on these lemons. However, the Lisbon lemons are tart but not so overly tart. They have a thin skin that makes it easy to peel and squeeze them, this feature also makes it easy to zest these lemons. However, because of the thin skin of lemons, there are very few essential oils packed into the pores of it compared to the other types of lemons. These lemons are moderate in size and can be planted in diverse climates. 

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• Eureka Lemon 

Eureka lemons are the type of lemons that are interchangeable with the Lisbon lemons. These are also the type that are usually seen to be found at the local grocery stores and the farmer’s market. However, there is a difference in both of them as the Eureka Lemons have thicker skin that makes them an ideal option that could be used in order to create various different types of recipes These lemons are usually medium to large in the terms of sizes and have a bulbous shape with the rounded ends, these can be sometimes seedless, this makes it a most ideal product that could be used for the purpose of cooking. Their incredible aroma makes them an even better option. 

• Meyer Lemons 

These are the second most common type of lemons that are known around the world. technically these are hybrid fruit and not true lemons. They were earlier used as a house plant now they are commonly used in creating a variety of lemon-based deserts as they are on the sweeter side in terms of taste. Industries and domestic households Buy lemons in bulk in order to use them in marinades, sauces, and in any dish where you want to add brightness to them. The skin of these lemons is a lot thinner making them an entirely edible option that could be sliced and diced, roasted with the fruits and vegetables to add on flavor. 

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• Bearss Lemon 

These are the type of lemons that have a less sweet taste compared to the Meyer Lemons, for those who find Meyer lemons as a sweeter option would find the bears lemon as a perfect option. These are tartier and juicy than the other types of lemons available in the market. They are also known because of the fact that they have a lot more oil in their skin which results from them being bigger and larger in the terms of size as well. these bears lemons are also considered a highly flavorful and aromatic variety of lemon that could be used in many recipes like pastries, cakes, pies, and bread to add flavor because of the oils released from its skin make it a lot easier to use them. 

• Limetta Lemon 

These are the type of lemons that are usually green in color. These can be very low in terms of the level of their acidity. Thus, they are also sometimes referred to as sweet lemons. In order to differentiate a limetta from a Lisbon, one should pay attention to the leaves of them, the leaves of Lisbon are a bit oval with pointed ends whereas the leaves of the limetta are primarily oblong. But these types of lemons exhibit a great lime flavor. 

• Fino Citron Lemon or Primofiori Lemon

The lemon is mainly known by the Fino Citron lemon or the Priomofiori Lemon. These are the type of lemons that are known to be originated in Spain before they were moved around the world. The Fino Citron Lemon can grow even in the season of winters and are famous because of the fact that they have very few numbers of seeds. These are the ideal material that could be used in sweeter treats and for making the beverages like lemonades, and for the purpose of preservation as well so that they can be used in the future for various different applications as the high acidity works well for the method of acidification

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• Yen Ben Lemons 

Found usually in the areas of California and Australia, these are the lemon that has a smooth rind to them and are a lot juicier compared to the other types of lemons, they are not very different from the Lisbon lemons in the terms of the looks, the only difference is that they are a lot thicker comparatively. 

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