Lemon More Than Just a Citrus Fruit For Salad

Lemon More Than Just a Citrus Fruit For Salad

Lemons are so much more than just a citrus fruit that you add in your salad to make it more tasteful. but it is a type of fruit that can pair up well with all your favorite dishes making them a lot more tasteful and appealing but apart from just adding taste and making it more appealing, there are various other benefits that are associated with the use of the lemons. These are in the form of the health benefits that are associated with lemons. These are the fruits that are packed with nutrients. They are the fruits that promote the weight loss and are also known to be effective in preventing the kidney stone and cancer. 

Nutritional Facts of Lemon

Various different benefits are associated with the use of lemons. This is because of the fact that lemons include various different vitamins and nutrients that are beneficial for the health and well-being of the body. 

Vitamin C

Lemons are considered as an excellent source of vitamin C thus they are a good source of promoting and boosting immunity in the body, they provide the strength to battle the infections, heal the wounds and a lot more benefits. It is noted that in one lemon there is around 31mg of vitamin c that is present. This data is extracted by the US department of agriculture’s food data central. However, the daily recommended dose is approximately 90 mg for the men and 75 mg for the women. Thus, being a rich source of vitamin c, it is highly beneficial to use lemons for vitamin C.  

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Along with Vitamin C lemons also are also known to contain a good amount of calcium, this is important for the proper functioning of muscles, it also promotes the hormone secretion and to cause vascular contraction and a lot more benefits. 


Lemons are the fruits that contain potassium, this is a nutrient that helps the muscle and the nerve to function properly. 


It is a nutrient that helps fight against the spinal birth defects and are beneficial in a way that they help in red blood cell formation.

Benefits of Lemon Juice for your body

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In addition to the properties f the lemon that make it an ideal product for the beauty treatment there are various other benefits that are associated with the uses of lemon, these are in the form of the health benefits. Fresh Lemons are beneficial for various other uses, whether you want to enjoy them simply just as a fruit in the morning or as an additive in your morning tea. There are reasons for which lemons are considered as an ideal product that could be used. 

1) It is helpful in Reliving Sore Throat:

Fresh lemons when mixed with warm water make a type of combination that when mixed with honey and lemon, makes a popular remedy for the people that have sore throat. The mixture would provide the soothing effects to the sore throat in the cold winters. Sore throat can also be cured because of the major component of lemon that is Vitamin C. 

2) May prevent the Cause of Cancer and Help Fight it too

Various researches and studies have been conducted that have proven the benefits of lemon. According to researches and studies these are the fruits that have anti-cancer benefits. The chemical makes up of the lemon is beneficial in a way that it can help prevent the development of cancerous tumors and malignancies in the body, as the citrus fruits and their juices are known to be very effective in this regard. Even if we talk about the chemicals that are there in the citrus fruits, we see that even the peels also have been linked as anticancer agents. 

3) Prevents the building of the Kidney Stone 

Lemon juice is a is a product that is known to help prevent the kidney stones from building and rising the citrate level in the urine. Citrate is a component that is beneficial for the body as it binds to the calcium preventing the formation of the kidney stone. 

4) Aids in the process of Digestion

It is noticed that the peel and the pulp of lemon is rich in soluble fibers that are called pectin. It is a component that works in a way that it promotes the production of the digestive enzymes that are being build in the liver, thus, it helps eliminate the waste from the body. The fruits that are rich in fiber can help promote the regularity as it lessens the risk of constipation. 

5) Helps the Regulation of Blood Sugar

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Eating the fruits that are higher in fiber are the type of fruits that can help you keep your blood glucose level balanced and in line, as it prevents it from increasing. This is helpful in a way that it reduces the chances of diabetes. It can also be beneficial for the people with diabetes as it helps them manage their blood glucose levels and regulates their diabetic conditions. 

6) Promotes Weight Loss

Fresh lemons are also known for its effects over the weight management as the pectin that is there in the lemons and its juice, helps you feel fuller for a long period of time. this can be helpful in making you manage your weight with efficiency as you can maintain your weight with the use of a low-density fruit that can lead to lower body fats.

7) Helps Clearing the skin

Lemons are the types of fruits that are also beneficial because of the fact that they have natural antibacterial qualities and alpha hydroxyl acids, just like various different medicines that are available in the market for healing the skin and cleaning it. Thus fresh lemons can be used in order to brighten up your skin, exfoliate it and to remove the blackheads. It si also famous for overcoming the issues of bad breath and to prevent dandruff when used over the scalp. 

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